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One of the most vital organs of any city is it’s transportation system, and because we live in an undemocratic and profit maximizing world, the properties of the system are therefore designed in such a way to maximize profit for private companies.

Automobiles packaged and branded as freedom/liberty. Giving every citizen a car is not about individual freedom. it is about producing as many engines as possible that burn fuel individually.

This segregated system produces maximum profit for energy companies and car manufacturers, by consuming as much energy as possible and selling cars as a consumer product

How will governments and companies change this system? they won’t. they will make it ELECTRIC.

For countries that produce clean energy like Iceland it means that the transportation system will become 100% sustainable right? No it won’t.

When calculating the effects of our transportation system. almost everything gets overlooked, except for the energy use of the cars themselves.

When the car becomes the established system for a city. every single development in the  city gets designed around the movements of cars. This means that development   gets     sprawled    and  the  city  gets  sliced  by    trenches  of   uninhabitable   land.

This uninhabitable land gets larger as the population increases, It is mainly built of asphalt and concrete.

Asphalt roads need to be renewed almost every year.

Despite all this, the feeling of autonomy that the automobile provides is very real.

The new system I propose takes this into consideration. Most day to day transport will take place within light trains but accompanying them are smaller trains, the same size as an automobile.

These smaller trains can be called upon for transport to specific locations.

Their diamond shape allows them to stick together and join their power usage, this also gets rid of phantom traffic jams.